Monday, 18 April 2016

Missing you


Missing you badly sweetheart

You know, ever since you have been gone.
I have been emulating certain aspects of your behaviour, i.e your caring ways...

I refer this as "continuing your legacy"

Sometimes when I'm doing these
Part of me feel that you are living inside me

That is such a consoling feeling

But still, feelings of anguish still continue to overwhelm me from time to time....

*Wipe off tears and continue studying*

Thursday, 14 April 2016

9 more days to finals

Time flies when things get busy. It felt like only 2 or 3 days have passed ever since I last blogged(?) but surprisingly it has been 2 weeks! :'(

For the past 1 week, my baby Honda PCX has been under maintenance at Mah ptd since it has reached 15k mileage already. And... I've been missing it so much! 

Finally got to collect it back yesterday~

Oh yes! I've officially turned into a 1-year-old licensed rider in Singapore last month XD XD XD

My baby with its probation plate :

My baby with its probation plate removed:

Doesn't it look so much sleeker and non-nooby now?! Hahahaha.

Actually I think I'm the one who makes my honda pcx look noob -_- because I'm so short and small size for a biker LOL

For those days when my bike was not with me ... Really gotta thank Zhengwei for fetching me to school by his car although he had to work.  =DD

Brought my sister to orchard library that day and we were shopping at some newly-opened Japanese store ^^ 

A very ZI LIAN picture of me. Only posted here in my personal blog because it is totally ZI LIAN TTM hahaha

Embracing my youth by taking such picture okay


Went for an interview at NUS today for a volunteering programme at Cambodia.
Interview was going so well until... the person asked about my weakness. 

I said I can be too emotional and let my emotions lead my behaviour instead of letting rationality lead my behaviour. 

Then that person asked me to give examples...

I chose to be honest and started talking about certain things I have done when Kal sweetheart passed away but even before I could speak at least 3 or 4 sentences, I ended up crying.

The interviewers immediately told me to stop answering this question and comforted me.
I became so disoriented later on that I even forgot to return the tissue pack to them after the interview omg T__T

Nevertheless, fingers crossed as to whether I can get to be one of the 20 volunteers in the programme. :'(


So busy with my work that I hardly have time to study. And that builds up stress.

Really bad to have my finals coinciding with my students' mid-year examinations....
But as a tutor, I still have to stay committed and do what I need to do.



Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Not feeling well

Vomited when I was riding my bike back home in expressway at 2 a.m. yesterday.

That feeling of vomiting yet I still couldn't stop riding because I was at the expressway - it totally sucks ... Never want to experience that again ...

I went over to my mum's place and she helped me to clean up the mess (all the vomit on my bike and on my clothings).

I thought I was okay already but today I vomited again after eating my lunch in school

Cancelled work.

Currently 6.10 p.m. I'm still in school canteen and it is raining heavily. Can't go home to rest yet.

Tummy not well still....... Feel like crying T___T