Monday, 3 April 2017

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Jiayou May

So school has started. It's now end of week 2 sem 1 of my year 2 university life.
Work has been really hectic because CA2 for my primary sch students are coming and prelims for my sec 4 students are around the corner as well.

So these two weeks I was just literally hovering around school and work everyday. (Right up from 8am class to 10pm end of work)

And I got to sleep for only around 4 hours everyday ...

Just two weeks of school felt like 2 months have passed :'(

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

3 months sem break coming to an end

Raining now. Intermittent lightning and thunders.
Alone at my home just like usual but super have the feel to blog at this moment.
Maybe because... today marks the 1st year 8 month of sweetheart's death anniversary.

My last blog entry was on 18 April 2016... And today is already the 21st July 2016. So it has been more than 3 months since I last blogged.

So many things have happened during this span of 3 months and I don't know which to start writing about. And if I really were to sit down and write about my thoughts on all of what have happened... I think I can sit here all day and all night to do so... Haha!

Basically the more major events are:

  • Krabi trip with sec sch friends
  • Organised birthday bash + housewarming at my house & it was a success =DDD
  • Erina's wedding + Tuesday suppers with Erina, Sihui and Qihang (some others sometimes)
  • Trisha's baby bash
  • Pretended to be the "mother" of my little sister and went for parent-meeting session
  • Gathered and brought my ex-students for a trip at Sentosa to have fun! =DDD
  • NUS union camp 2016
  • Joined NUS volunteering team (in charge of helping out orphanage in Cambodia this coming December)- bonding days, lesson planning meet-up(s), etc
  • Admitted to hospital for being allergic to alcohol(?)
  • Started teaching back some of my ex-students (Sophie, Kayvier etc) + started teaching Amaths for the first time (Junpeng!)
  • Registered for Class 2A practical lessons and passed practical lesson 1. Left with 2 more pracs to pass before I can go for TP! :)
  • Bought a ukelele and started ukelele lessons every monday (:
  • Started going to gym regularly again but California Fitness suddenly closed down >:( (I paid 2k cash upfront for my 2 years membership omg. I'm still left with 1 year membership!!!!!!)
  • Got to know several new biker friends =DDDD and I really like how brother they are hahah
  • Met up with primary sch friends to catch up on our lives (Alson, Carmen, Yeeting)
  • Met up with Joseph before he flies off for overseas working stint
  • Met up with JC girls to catch up (Cassandra and Xinting)
  • Started using snapchat every day and it seems to have become a part of my life now
  • Tuitions, tuitions, tuitions

Some reflections on how I have spent these 3 months:

I'm glad that I have really utilised my sem break to do all the things I planned out to do =DD

Ukelele has always been something I want to learn.. and I finally kick-started this learning process! I still have a lot to improve though... and I will try my best to make out more time to become better at it :))

Here are some snippets of snapchat videos I saved!

I've also made many friends throughout this period. =D Whether or not they would become mere acquaintances or not.. I guess that's fine as long as we have enjoyed one another's companion during those times we spent together :))
Also went out of my comfort zone to join events that involve group settings such as union camp, volunteering team for cambodia trip etc...and I think I am starting to get better in group settings. Slowly...but surely.. I have faith in this :')

I'm so so so so so happy to gather some of my ex-students to bring them to Sentosa!!!!!! They are still as cheeky as ever. Haha =DD

I remembered organising this blind-folding game at the beach whereby the catcher has to be blind-folded and use a stick-like item to catch the rest of the people. A boundary is set by 4 slippers at 4 corners.

This is Nicole hitting the air and I snapchatted this down :P

When it was my turn to be the catcher, my ex-students were so naughty and they ganged up to play a trick on me. I remembered trying my best to keep running around but I couldn't catch anyone, not even 1 person when the boundary was so small!!! When I took out my blindfold, I found out they went to take the 4 slippers and expanded the boundary until SO big!!!! No wonder I cannot catch them! Lol! Roar!!!

 Still remembered those days when I first started teaching all of them.. I was taller than all of them! Now I am the shortest one already T_________T
Really love and miss all of my ex-students so much. Am always wishing they are doing good in their respective schools and growing up well :')

I know that when school starts and I have to juggle with school and work, it would be very difficult to catch up with many of my dear friends even if I want to so I made sure I meet up with them in my sem break and I did it! Teehee =DDDD

Dinner with primary school friends

Catch up with Joseph


Baby tyriel's first month baby bash~ XD

Secondary school friends~

As it is my sem break and I have more free time, I took up additional tuition sessions with some of my ex-students again for the time being since their parents requested.

One of them is Kayvier!
Here is a short video of his cute response when I tried to give him clue for the answer. hahah.

To sum up my sem break... I feel this sem break is a really happening & fulfilling one for me. ^^
Thank you to all my old friends, close friends, new friends, students, ex-students, family members, whoever you are who made semester break such a meaningful one ((:

And it is approximately two more weeks to the start of a whole new semester of year 2 life in NUS.

Time to unfold a whole new chapter of my life (:

Stay strong and live on for those who lost the privilege of life, for life itself is a gift. <3
Live, to the fullest, everyday.