Thursday, 11 February 2016

My thursday

Went to teach a tuition session today.
And then headed to gym - to study, and then took part in a spinning class. (Since another tuition was cancelled)
Was doing my CL2220 translating document there.

Had dinner at Bugis, shopped a while and went home.

Missing mama, bro and sis so much, especially mama.

Gotta focus May....STUDY!

NM2220 assignment 1 is not progressing well T________T

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Having really hard days recently despite it is CNY.

Had a close shave with death today because of two reckless drivers...

Went to mom's place and told her if anything happens to me suddenly, rent out the house I'm staying and earn about 1k plus rental fees to 养老 so I can leave in peace.


Saturday, 6 February 2016

Could it happen?

Can I sustain in doing well in my studies
Continue working
Join a CCA
Be healthy
Eat well
Sleep well
Exercise regularly
Have time with family
Have time with friends

No matter how I think and how I try to plan out, it seems impossible :(

CL2280's lectures/tutorial isn't really helping me to gain any knowledge about translation.
Most of the things I'm learning are through my self-study by finding my own resources.
I'm really disappointed in this module. 

Tutor in NM2220 is really strict. Many of the questions I asked her were rebutted with the same answer - "Find the answers yourself." And then I'd be spending hours away thinking of solutions. Mostly empty solutions. Her tutorials are fast-paced and straight-to-business. It's a steep learning curve going for her lessons. But I'm struggling with my assignment with a whole list of questions I am supposed to find "solutions" myself!!! :(

I gave up going for PL1101e lectures since the 2 hours really can be better spent studying the textbook.

GER1000 so far is very interesting to me. I like what I'm learning there and I like to think about how to apply those things that are learnt. Lots of math/technical stuff - something that is lacking in my modules since all my modules are mostly "language" related.

Enjoying NM2101 so far. Tutorials are a breeze since not much preparations are needed in advance but i still try to prepare before going. 

Discovered a gem place near my house - 24H HANS!!!!!!! My love <3

Gonna be camping there frequently to study :P

CNY break is a great time to catch up with all the studying I have been missing out due to work commitments -

Friday, 5 February 2016


学校是知识的殿堂, 是一座象牙塔, 虽然赏心悦目, 却要忍得住寂寞清贫。 还有一个现实的问题。。。


《大学生一定要做的100件事 - 真敬》

Tuesday, 2 February 2016



Monday, 1 February 2016

Stress is directly proportional to nearing of assignment deadlines

Just called up Ministry of Health, Chiropractic Association, Dr Prem Pillay's clinic to request for interview with regards to my follow-up article.

They told me to write in with some of the sample questions instead. And I did.

Now I just have to patiently wait for their responses.

First time I'm taking the role of a "journalist" - felt stressed instead of "refreshing" because I am too worried about the deadline. I mean, what if they reject me?

I would perhaps need to turn to others or start a new follow-up article instead.

 It isn't that easy to start on a new article counting in the fact that I would need to research on all the backlogs on the content of the new article to find out what are the new perspectives I can cover and what are the old perspectives I should not cover again. Interview questions need a lot of elaborate thinking too.

Now I'll just keep my fingers crossed and pray for the best.

Honestly I could have chosen a simpler article to do a reaction piece to it - since it is only worth 10% of our grade.

But I guess it's just me. Something in me that always tells me that If I am going to spend efforts doing something, then I should spend my utmost best to doing it to produce something more impactful and useful.

Recently I have been feeling sick and today I feel a lot better - maybe because I had a good sleep!

I made a promise to myself that I must treat "sleeping" as something that I must "do" just like how I "eat", "bathe" etc. I have a tendency to put everything and anything above sleeping, which is why my health is so bad now.

Off to do household chores before I continue on my assignments - till then! >:)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Feeling grateful & hopeful

Woke up in the middle of night feeling grateful & hopeful. <3

It was an incredible feeling to feel like being truly alive again because I started to have dreams -

Things I want to do

Thank you to people surrounding me who are making me feel this way again.  :)

Will be really busy!

But I'll try to come here and update when I have time.

Til then,